The Expose 3 by Roxy Sloane

The expose3aTitle:  The Expose 3
Series:  The Expose
Author:  Roxy Sloane
Genre:  Erotica
Published:  April 20, 2015
My Rating:  5 hot stars
Source:  Owned, Personal Collection

My secret is out — and the stakes are higher than ever.

One night with Dax Ryan and my cover is blown, but I can’t walk away. It’s not just the incredible, filthy things he does to my body; I’ve betrayed his trust, and I need to make it right.

But each new question only gets me in deeper. And every sexy encounter with Dax makes me want him even more.

This is dangerous. Thrilling.

And I can’t stop.

My thoughts on The Expose 3 by Roxy Sloane

Dax knows.

He knows that Zoe has been lying to him.  He knows what she’s been after.  And he is beyond furious.  Everything he has worked for – about to be blown sky high by a piece of ass he can’t keep his hands off of.  Shit.

She can’t believe the guilt she feels.  It shouldn’t feel like this, the story was there she just had to push past her attraction to Dax.  But damn, she’d do anything – anything – to not feel this guilt or see the disgust on his face.  It was supposed to be a story, the story that would get her that dream job position.  It wasn’t supposed to be personal.  She wasn’t supposed to care that she had the power to destroy him.  Yet, she did.

Dax and Zoe are one smokin’ hot couple.  Zoe tries to apologize to Dax – and that turns into one of the hottest, sexiest elevator seductions ever.  And when Dax stepped off of that elevator?  Priceless, and if possible, even hotter.  (read it for yourself – just sayin’)

Zoe is determined to not give up on Dax.  She starts investigating outside of the club.  And runs down some information that she is certain will prove to Dax that she is on his side of this.  The thing is, she knows there is still a powerful story here, but that is taking second place to her feelings for Dax.

After one shocking development, Zoe is once again back in Dax’s apartment.  Not sneaking around this time.  Dax brings out his dominant sexy self again, and Zoe is in for the sexual night of her life.  Good night – what this man can do with an ice cube!

The Expose 3 is heating up and getting better with each installment.  Next week will be the conclusion of Dax and Zoe’s story – and to tell the truth, I’m going to be sorry when that happens.  Oh do not get me wrong – I need to know how this ends up, who the bad guys are and what decisions Zoe will make… but they are hotter than a sparkler on July 4th, and I will miss starting my Mondays with them.

If you haven’t started reading this… what in the world are you waiting for?  This is an extremely well written story with a sexy couple and a story that goes beyond sex.  But, oh, the sex.  *wink*

Go on – pick this one up and get caught up – you know you want to.  Do it.


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