The Expose 2 by Roxy Sloane

the expose2Title:  The Expose 2
Series:  The Expose #2
Author:  Roxy Sloane
Genre:  Erotica
Published:  April 13, 2015
Publisher:  Roxy Sloane Books
My Rating:  5 hot stars
Source:  Owned, Personal Collection

Secrets are my power.

I’ve built an empire from fantasy. Your every desire, your most exotic dreams. I make them real, every night.

But secrets can destroy you too.

Now, it’s all at risk. Because of her.
She asking questions, stepping over the line. One wrong move and my empire could come crashing down — but I can’t stop now.

Who can I trust?

Zoe and Dax continue their sexy cat and mouse games in the second novella of The Expose series.  Zoe is still determined to find out the secrets at The Underground, even if she is starting to feel a bit guilty about what she’s doing.  But, it’s the story she needs and she is not about to back down now.

Another blackmail note arrives and someone from Dax’s past makes an unwelcome appearance. Just how many fires does he have to put out?  Guess we’re going to find out.

Zoe finds herself back on Dax’s desk after a bit of snooping.  Only this time, she runs. Unfortunately for Zoe, her actions are only making Dax more suspicious and more interested.

When she does a bit of outside the club snooping,  Zoe takes a bit (a big bit) of attitude back to the club with her.  Sassing the boss is not encouraged and Zoe will pay for it – in the hottest way possible.

The cliffhanger this week is a big one.  How does she explain this away?

I know that each week’s installment is just going to get hotter and sexier.  But Hot Damn.

Yes, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m loving the sexy story.  Dax’s dominance and Zoe’s discovery of her submissive side.  Yet, the mystery surrounding the notes and now another “threat” to Dax and his Underground… I’m lovin that part too.

Cannot wait for next week.  *fans face and other body parts*  April 20th cannot come fast enough!  That’s when the story continues…

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