Hmmmm – Looks Like We Need Some Action Around Here!

Oh Bother.  I’m simply too scattered this last year.  Surgery.  Moving.  Just life happening.

Time to get back into the Smexy times here again.

So there is no huge lull like this one ever again – I’m going to do a ton of reviews over the next few days and schedule them to appear throughout the month.  Just until I get back in the swing of it all once again.

I love sexy smexy times, but not all the books that I read truly qualify as Erotica – they simply have a lot of sex in them, and that’s become somewhat the norm lately for a lot of authors.  Paranormal Romance – Shifters have a lot of sex, but I’ve got that genre covered over on my  Shifter Haven  blog – so unless it’s a definite Paranormal Erotic Romance… well, you see the dilemma here.

Recently I’ve discovered a few authors who write borderline Erotica.  So the bottom line is this – not everything you may see here is classified as Erotica, but it certainly damned well is sexy!

In any event – it’s past time to get Smexy Does It! back up and online offering reviews of some perfectly delicious sexy stories for your pleasure.

Let’s get started.

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